Our general service represents “business to business” (B2B) in the online casino market through Application Programming Interface (API) the development of the application, platform becomes easier, saves time and money

Our Solutions

Tiger Games provide a fully-managed and robust online casino platform solution tailored to our clients’ needs.
Management Systems

Tiger Games provides software & gaming services related to online gaming and gambling with better performance of individual operation, highly reliable and attentive to details.

Risk Management

Tiger Games Identify the occurrence of potential loss in key departments and evaluate the impact of such losses to the financial attributes. We select the identified risks that will be disengaged in management decisions and those that will be retained and controlled to reduce the severity of the possible loss. Allocating Tiger Games resources from the programmed risk retained activities to people, money and time.

Data Management

Tiger Games is aware of the possible vulnerabilities by conducting vulnerability sweeps, and working on improving them and ‘patching up the holes’. Cybersecurity is ever changing, adaptive, rapid, creative and vicious. Tiger Games use world-class security measures to ensure that client security never gets compromised during transactions.

Team Management

Effectively manage operating team and ensure confidentiality of sensitive information. Platform Management helps you operate multiple platforms simultaneously.

Back Office

In terms of better performance of individual operation, the system makes a comprehensive tool for effective management, optimizing the staff employed to undertake the work.



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